When I first started my health and wellness journey, I felt like I had absolutely no time to have a personal life. The wellness journey consumed me…and it consumed me so badly that even my friends began to notice and call me out on it. And when I got better, I only got well enough to be back where I started.

Just to be obsessed again
And the cycle continued
Again and again…

“I can’t skip the gym today because I ate sushi last night! I have to burn it all off. Maybe I will go to the gym for 2 hours!” I was pretty much digging my own grave

Unfortunately and Fortunately, while I was unwell, I had A LOT of time to contemplate how I actually wanted things to be. What if there was a way for me to have more flexibility in my eating and gym schedule, how would my life change?

That’s when I took a crazy risk! I started to outsource figuring out my health!

The first thing I did was hire a Naturopath to help me with my digestion. Then I started to outsource other healing modalities. Slowly the obsession of my health and wellness journey (mainly my weight) started to lift.

It’s a skill I’m still growing into and yes, there are times when my family gets frustrated with me ( like now what are you working on?).
Like yesterday, I finally reached out to the girl that I have been working with on my digestive health as I have been experiencing a bunch of acne in on my face in the last 2 weeks. She got back to me in a few hours to explain what was really going on. I was able to have a sign of relief as I thought I was going backwards in my healing journey…


Before I could do any of this, I needed to make sure that I was ready for my new healing journey. I needed to make sure that I was emotionally geared up for what was to bubble to the surface. Because I knew that with readiness, I can predict what my compliance is going to be to the program, and the results that I am looking to get.

If you want to know how you can create this food freedom and readiness in a matter of hours, then join me on your complimentary 30 minute call and I’ll show you the exact steps I took, so that you can do it too!  We will talk about Why women are struggling with creating health meals and are focusing on the wrong things, and exactly what they should be doing instead.

I’m going to share the exact strategy I used to:

  • Lose 20 pounds in a year with eating the FOODS YOU LOVE .
  • Create a solid workout routine that ebbs and flows with your cycle and energy reserves.
  • How you can Shift your thinking around food, allowing you to plan, prepare and be create in the kitchen.

Plus I’m going to show you a Meal Prepping Strategy that you’ll be able to begin implement IMMEDIATELY after the call and a whole lot more!

SO be sure to set up your free complimentary call with me to learn more about how i can help you get out of that rut!
Andrea xo