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Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Services

Do you desperately want to lose weight? Become unstuck in your life? Recover from an illness, sleep better… or rediscover that unstoppable energy you used to have?  Whatever your health or lifestyle goal, I have a program for you.

I currently offer two types of set programs: one-on-one wellness coaching using a variety of healing methods, and quick blast individual or group programs to detox your body and hit that target within a tight timeline.

54-page Healthy Life Detox Manual

Included with Detox Programs!

Discovery Call

Get one-on-one holistic counselling to remove blocks, lose weight – and achieve your healthy lifestyle goals

This powerful, 30 minute call will change your life – and propel you to luminous whole-body health and well-being. With my personal coaching each step of the way, we will explore your desires and stumbling blocks and boldly go where your health has never gone before.

My Discovery Call includes:

  • Initial consultation where I get to know you and your health history, discuss your goals and create a personal roadmap
    for your future powerful one-on-one coaching calls (30 minutes each)
  • New clarity and guidance in the big five areas:  health, money, love, relationships, career
  • Exploration of different themes, i.e. clearing the clutter, mindfulness, goal achievement – or getting to the root cause of your recent stumbles

Cost: FREE

Andrea helped my husband and I keep on track. We lost 15 between us on her 14 days detox. It’s up to you to do the work, but she always had good solutions to help. After the holidays we are going to stay on route.”


Healthy Life Detox

Hit your health restart button in just two weeks.

You’ll lose weight, feel better and stay motivated along the way as a member of a friendly and interactive coaching group.

Through this fun and focused two-week Group Healthy Life Detox, you’ll have the 1 to 1 coaching you need to shed pounds, gain vitality – and leap back to optimal health.

My Healthy Life Detox Program includes:

  • 54-page Healthy Life Detox Manual
  • Three separate check in calls (Launch, Mid-way, End)
  • Daily two-week accountability checklist
  • Easy and delicious recipes and nutritious daily meal plans
  • Mindfulness meditations and journal
  • Meal Prepping Tips and Tricks
  • Caffeine Withdrawal Hacks
  • Handy, printable grocery list
  • Natural healing modalities
  • Advice and inspiration and text message support each step of the way!

Cost: $297

The Gentle Detox was a very quick decision on my part. I’m a working mom, with kids in many activities and knew that I was eating too many quick meals. It has reset my body and thinking as to what I’m putting in my mouth. And,  in 2 weeks lost 10 lbs as a bonus! Thanks for the kick start Annie!


12 Week HURT TO HEALED Program


If you are currently grieving and looking for more of a holistic approach calm your mind, nourish your body, and heal your spirit through a MEGA targeted self care routine I can get you started right away, remotely (like from your bed!). 


What I know from my experience in grief is that the sooner you get started, the easier healing can begin.


A simple phone call can kick off your 12-week Hurt to Heal Grief Recovery Program with a pro Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach, ME!


I strive to create an easy, holistic, self care/love routine for my grieving clients so that together we can create the healthy balanced person you would like to be. 


If you’re ready to step into a more balanced version of yourself, but need the gentle accountability from accountbility coach…



If you’re ready to experience self care & self love, to shift old patterns and bring in some new holistic tools…


If you’re ready to prove to yourself that you are worth it throughout your grief journey…




Then let’s get started on your very own healing journey. 










My 12-Week HURT TO HEALED Program includes: 

  • Customized 12 week Healing Blueprint
  • Natural healing modality practices (affirmations, tapping, energy work)
  • Sleep Hacks
  • Daily Self Care checklist
  • Mindfulness meditations and journal prompt
  • 54-page Healthy Life Detox Manual
  • Easy and delicious recipes and nutritious daily meal plans
  • Meal Prepping Tips and Tricks 
  • Caffeine Withdrawal Hacks
  • Handy, printable grocery list
  • Advice and inspiration, each step of the way

12 fourty- five, Weekly Coaching Calls

The first few minutes of each call will be focused on wins and challenges from your week to maximize your results in the program, and the remainder of the call will be focused on a particular theme such as: 








Reintegration back into Routine

Book, Podcast, Meditation recommendations

Weekly Text Message Support

Since we are always on our phones, I offer direct communication via text message. Often, as the week goes on, certain questions will pop up. The beauty of a virtual program is that you can text me when the question arises and I will be sure to get back to you with a more definite answer. Most of my clients text message me photos of what they are buying at the grocery store to make sure that it is “Nutritionist approved”.

Sometimes we just need a listening ear, which is partly why I created this program. Offering this kind of support to my clients is one of my strengths as I have the innate ability to SEE YOU just as you are!

2 Weeks of Meal Plans with Delicious Recipes

You will have access to all of my nutritious recipes where you can print out the ingredient list and instructions of how to make these healthy delicacies at your fingertips.

Cost: $997

“I’m happy that I met my goals with the program which were to become more mindful about what I put in my body and to manage my sugar addiction. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to stick it out, given the number of major food categories I had to eliminate from my diet, but I surprised myself.

The 14-day period was manageable and went by quickly – after all, it isn’t a lifetime, just 14 days to try something healthy for my body.

I liked how the first two days focused on preparing both my pantry and my mindset. Once on the detox, after the second and third day, it just became habit to stick with the food groups I was allowed and steer clear of those I wasn’t. It was much easier than counting calories or points.”


Don’t see the program you need? No worries!

Ask me about my individualized wellness programs and coaching options to meet your specific needs and health/life goals.

“Thanks to your 14-day detox program and your coaching, I feel I am ready to face the holiday season with some self control and some new habits of mindful eating. I have increased energy to get to projects that I’ve been putting off for some time. And though it wasn’t a specific goal, I’m also a few pounds lighter – 8 to be exact, which was a surprising outcome for me. And yet I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself too much – just making healthy choices.”


Bring out the best, most beautiful and luminous you!

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