Healthy Life Detox

Hit your health restart button in just two weeks!

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Healthy Life Detox

Hit your health restart button in just two weeks.

You’ll lose weight, feel better and stay motivated along the way.

Through this fun and focused two-week Healthy Life Detox, you’ll have the 1 to 1 coaching you need to shed pounds, gain vitality – and leap back to optimal health.

My Healthy Life Detox Program includes:

  • 54-page Healthy Life Detox Manual
  • Three separate check in calls (Start, Half-way, End)
  • Daily two-week Self care accountability checklist
  • Easy and delicious recipes and nutritious daily meal plans
  • Mindfulness meditations and journal
  • Meal Prepping Tips and Tricks
  • Caffeine Withdrawal Hacks
  • Handy, printable grocery list
  • Natural healing modalities
  • Advice, inspiration and text message support each step of the way!

Cost: $297 + HST

The Gentle Detox was a very quick decision on my part. I’m a working mom, with kids in many activities and knew that I was eating too many quick meals. It has reset my body and thinking as to what I’m putting in my mouth. And,  in 2 weeks lost 10 lbs as a bonus! Thanks for the kick start Annie!



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“Thanks to your 14-day detox program and your coaching, I feel I am ready to face the holiday season with some self control and some new habits of mindful eating. I have increased energy to get to projects that I’ve been putting off for some time. And though it wasn’t a specific goal, I’m also a few pounds lighter – 8 to be exact, which was a surprising outcome for me. And yet I didn’t feel like I was depriving myself too much – just making healthy choices.”