I felt like a fraud…
I worked at a weightless clinic and I was telling my clients ALL the THINGS and I was guilty of NOT doing most of them.
Talk about NOT taking care of my unique body. I would say things like:

  • Find the Foods that work with your body
  • Observe how certain foods react in body – gas/ bloating/acne/rashes/brain fog are all indications that something is off
  • Close shop (meaning do not eat) after 7pm
  • You cannot workout away your bad eating habits
  • Decrease your caffeine – your adrenals are screaming at you (for my stressed out ladies)
  • Get outside for a 10 minute walk once a day

The constant theme that I was bombarded with was that they were a GIANT MIRROR to me.

They showed me what I HAD TO DO to get my body’s terrain back into balance.

  • I hired support
  • I got real with myself
  • I recognized that I needed to put myself first
  • I put my health at my priority
  • I meal prepped like it was my job
  • I grocery shopped often – fresh food was my priority
  • I removed the foods that my body reacted to
  • I exercised 3-4 times a week – and found something I loved
  • I connected with nature
  • I stopped eating late and sleeping on a full stomach
  • I decreased my caffeine intake
  • I changed my eating habits so that they worked with MY BODY!
  • I got the sleep (7-8 hours) that I deserved
  • I meditated daily

It took about 1 year for me to get back into MY body. To a body that I felt confident it. That I was proud of. That was in Balance. Because, I put myself first. I finally honoured my self and my self care routine.

DM me if you want to know more about your food sensitivities. DATA is information that can get you closer to your lifestyle goals.
– Andrea xo