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Andrea Wellness Coaching

Bring out the best, most beautiful and luminous you

Andrea Wellness Coaching is a boutique wellness practice dedicated to helping transform your health and bring out the best, most beautiful and luminous you.

Combining nutrition coaching and holistic healing with inspired mindfulness practices, I take a 360-degree approach to helping you lose weight, increase your vitality – and welcome more abundance into your life!

Stress Reduction Therapy

Receive clarity and restore balance for your mind and body.
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Transcend the Tummy!

12 Weeks to Reconnect & Align with your Tummy.

Healthy Life Detox Program

Detoxify your body and feel vibrant – in just two weeks.


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“12 weekly phone calls with Andrea started a mindful change within. This could not have occurred without the comfortable atmosphere Andrea created. She displayed respect and empathy towards me, enabling me to be open & honest to her and to myself. Andrea’s step-by-step process made change achievable for me. Don’t struggle on your own. Andrea is just a phone call away.”

Geraldine Ryan Croydon

Bring out the best, most beautiful and luminous you!

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