Hello Gorgeous!
You are what you eat – a dance teacher of mine told me this when I was 10. It ruminates in my head often when I am not happy in my body and obsessing what I am eating. Can you relate? It does have an element to truth to it – but there also is a bit of a fallacy in this statement.

I have clients that do ALL things. They eat right and exercise. BECAUSE WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO?
They add all the FIBRE supplements to get them to “go” and nothing. Rabbit poohs. Or long skinny snakes. They scratch their head because they are eating well, exercising and getting decent sleep.
So, what are they MISSING in their Health journey?

You see there is a Brain/Gut/ Heart connection where, what you EAT/ THINK/FEEL affects the health of your gut (your bowel movements, gas, bloating, discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, skinny long poohs, not feeling like you have “emptied everything out” etc.).

So, if you are eating shitty, you will have shitty thoughts. So scientific I know, but really trying to make you understand that there is such a close relationship between the food you eat and your mental health.

According to Hippocrates, All disease begins in the gut.

An unhealthy gut could manifest in a physical ailment or a mental ailment. So it is important for you to get YOUR gut healthy. The gut is the 2nd brain and is very smart and intuitive so treat it right!

What you THINK affects your gut as well. So if you have crappy thoughts, you will wreak havoc on your gut. Whatever you are thinking about good or bad, will have an affect on the health of your gut. Make sense?

If you are FEELING crappy, this TOO will affect your gut. Ever notice when you are nervous or something “Bad” has happened that your bowel movements go off? The feeling that you have (anxious, nervous, depressed, resplendent will affect how things move in your gut).

That gut feeling you get when something “bad” is about to happen, that shit is REAL. Pay attention to it – that is YOUR innate intuition that will not lead you astray.

People like Gregg Braden and Dr. Joe Dispenza also believe that the heart also can be considered a 3rd brain.

The intuitive feeling in your heart (that you may not have tapped into as of the late) Is similar to a gut feeling. It might be an overwhelming feeling of love. Or the complete opposite, where the heart shuts down, closes and turns dark and grey.

The heart is coming online more than ever and I invite you to explore and pay attention to your heart more than your brain. Your brain will always be there for the logical stuff and will always try to override your gut and heart.

This is part of a lesson that you will learn in my 3 month “Beat the Bloat” program.

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