On Monday, I just so happened to recognize that I no longer had the embarrassing gas and the bloating that I had 3 years ago. Revealing moment, I know, but a girl has gotta share what got her through the bloat!

By doing Stress Reduction Therapy (SRT) and figuring out the foods that work with my body, I now know exactly what I can eat and be BLOAT free at the same time!

SO that means if I’d follow my own method- make sure my food was geared (and prepped) exactly to what works according to my body, have regular Stress Reduction Therapy (SRT) Scans, follow A Course In Weight Loss by @mariannewilliamson and find a Bad Ass Fitness Routine ASAP  I could SERIOUSLY fit into all of my clothes again ( and lost a few LBs along the way) and comfortably eat all the foods that work with my body!

So while others guess and suffer with food sensitivities ( was it the corn?, the cheese? or the bun on your burger?) – I TEST not GUESS.

How can you not be OBSESSED with the idea of figuring out which foods work exactly with your body through SRT?


That is why I get so pumped up about my Magical Method! You’re not guessing which foods work with your body here and there, you’re literally changing the trajectory of your entire health of your energetic frequency with Stress Reduction Therapy (SRT).

For me, now I can now proudly say that I am 20 pounds lighter after figuring all of this out! I know my trigger foods inside and out. I do regular SRT sessions with put my body back into balance, I follow a solid mediation plan and now have a wicked movement regime that works with my cycle: The Magical Method that I speak of.

If you’re on the fence, think about:

Figuring out exactly what foods, chemicals, environmental and emotional (yes, you heard me right) sensitivities are causing you the bloat

Creating that list in less than 90 minutes when we scan your body for imbalances

Shifting your relationship with yourself-and your body: from one of fear to one of love ♥️

Finding a Movement routine that works with your body – especially during that time of the month

Gaining FOOD FREEDOM with a protocol that you can stick to that was uniquely designed for you!

All sound like a hell yes?

I get it, I have been there before and know EXACTLY how you are feeling. No more hiding behind your baggy clothes and not showing up as your authentic self. No more showing up to events with food anxiety, because you are embarrassed about the repercussions – hello smelly gas and bloating. Been there done that, got the T-shirt. I know what you are going through and this does not have to be your reality!

The Magical Method is open for enrolment and has early bird pricing until the end of the week! If you’re a hell yes to changing the trajectory of your health (like I did) this is your sign! Link in the bio!!

Book a call with me Now or DM me with any questions you might have!

Take care,

Andrea xoxo